Our vision

We undertake to build a long term, close relationship with our clients based on trust.

Partners ensure the smooth progress of the assignments they undertake, from start to final recruitment decision, whilst providing support, flexibility, discretion, speed and efficiency.

The firm’s commitment also applies to candidates whom we approach and meet personally to advise them with care. At every stage of the recruitment process, the support of candidates is a key success factor in the smooth progress of the assignment.

Our fields of expertise


Professional services

Media and digital



Financial services

Private equity


Consumer goods


  • Chairman and CEO
  • Managing Directors and Service Company Managing Partners
  • VPs : Marketing, Sales, Finance, Human Resources, Communication, IT, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Supply Chain, Legal, Research & Development
  • Creative roles : Artistic Director, Stylist, Merchandiser
  • Specialists and Experts : financial services, Black Belt, lean manufacturing, six sigma experts
  • Independent Board Members, Senior Advisors

Talent watch

Mapping and monitoring talent is a service we offer our clients as part of a search or independently.

It involves defining and evaluating potential candidates in a targeted market, with regards to position, role or geography.

The firm is therefore constantly in touch and proactively monitoring talents in several geographies, including new markets in order to anticipate our clients’ specific needs.


We rely on an in depth understanding of our clients, an ongoing dialogue with our contacts and a throughout process to ensure the success of our assignments.

Jouve & Associés takes into account the background, organization and needs of each client as well as its unique culture and expectations through interviews with key decision makers.

The assignment starts once a detailed proposal has been submitted and approved by the client. The dedicated research team first goes through an identification stage, under the direct responsibility of the partner who represents the client in the market.

The partner in charge meets and personally evaluates the candidates. There is regular reporting and dialogue with the client throughout the process. Information about the most appropriate contenders is written up in detailed, confidential reports. References for the short listed candidates are checked. The partner in charge supports the closing of the deal.

Finally, the firm makes sure the hired candidate is well integrated, in particular during the first six months, in order to ensure the success of the appointment.